How to Lose $1 Billion: Yeshiva University Blows Its Future on Loser Hedge Funds in association with The Jewish Channel
*Winner, 2015 Excellence in Financial Journalism Award*
*Winner, 2015 Boris Smolar Award for Excellence in Investigative Journalism*
Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Michael Hiltzik called it “an astounding investigative piece” in the Los Angeles Times. It is “fantastic reporting and writing” according to Clash of the Financial Pundits author Josh Brown, and Daniel Gross of The Daily Beast called it “a great piece.”
This story is the first piece to result from a 2-year investigation involving the review of more than 10,000 pages of legal and financial documents, dozens of interviews, and many FOIL requests. It is published as part of a partnership with a new CNN documentary about the cost of higher education, in a collaboration among and The Jewish Channel.
In sum, Yeshiva University is in dire financial straits, and its Madoff losses are just a small fraction of what got it there. Active choices by a new administration to shift investment and spending strategies generated a great amount of risk, and eventually that risk came home. Meanwhile, credit-ratings agency Moody’s ignored the problems at Yeshiva until it was too late.

“The Rabbi Behind the Screen” (1, 2)
The Jewish Channel
*Winner, 2014 Boris Smolar Award for Excellence in Investigative Reporting*

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Praised by reporters from the AP, the New York Times, Buzzfeed, and more, this series was summarized by Commentary‘s John Podhoretz, who declared “Steven I. Weiss deserves a Jewlitzer.”
Until April 2013, the subject of this investigative series was considered among the most prominent rabbis on the globe. He had just been named one of the top 50 most influential rabbis in the country by The Daily Beast/Newsweek, and had reportedly been a leading candidate to be Chief Rabbi of the United Kingdom. He had sat for decades as a judge on the largest rabbinical court in the country, and was commonly regarded as the most important Jewish legal mind of his generation. In addition, he was considered the leading scholar on the intersection of Jewish and American law — a tenured law professor at Emory University, which houses the U.S. News & World Report 23rd-ranked law school, and a Senior Fellow at the university’s Center for the Study of Law and Religion. At 9am the next business day after the first story in the series was published, he resigned all of his rabbinic positions.

The story revealed in this investigative series is that this rabbi had engaged multiple fake identities over the course of nearly twenty years that were used to write letters to scholarly journals praising his own work, join rival professional associations and gain access to their members-only communications, and even to create false evidence to buttress his scholarship.

“You Won’t Believe What the Government Spends on Confederate Graves”
The Atlantic
More tax dollars go to maintain Conderate soldiers’ graves than toward those of Union soldiers, due to a series of laws embraced by the modern-day neo-Confederate movement. “Liked” on Facebook more than 3,000 times.

“Doctors Say Circumcision Ritual Still Not Safe”
Ben Smith called this investigation “a quite damning indictment of State Health Commissioner Antonia Novello.” Going deep inside New York State Health Department records, it found inattention to neonatal herpes risk in approving a controversial circumcision ritual.

“Former Nixon Aide ‘Pardoned’ By 2 Members of ‘Jewish Cabal’”
Months of research were required to locate long-retired federal employees who served during the Nixon administration. This story shed new light on decades-old conventional wisdom about the actions of former President Richard Nixon, and was repeatedly cited by Slate‘s Timothy Noah.

“Israeli Ad Campaign Suggests American Jews Unsuitable”
The Jewish Channel
This expose of an under-the-radar Hebrew ad campaign led Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to personally step in to order the ads taken down within days of the initial report. The ads sought to interest expatriate Israelis in moving back to Israel, in part by suggesting that they wouldn’t want their children marrying Americans. Cited broadly in the New York Times, Washington Post, Politico, and more, the report led the usually-staid Jewish Federations to declare the campaign “outrageous and insulting” to American Jews.

“New York State GOP Hired Anti-Zionist as Director of Jewish Outreach”
The Jewish Channel
This investigation of and interview with New York State Republican Committee official charged with leading Jewish outreach efforts led to his resignation less than 30 minutes after the party chairman was called for comment on its findings. Received plaudits from local news broadcasters including CBS and NY1, and from national political outlets like Politico and Buzzfeed. Particular praise has also focused on the full interview.