“Face it, Most Millenial Dads are Hypocrites”
Los Angeles Times
We claim in survey after survey that we want to be in egalitarian marriages and spend more time parenting, but we’re not walking like we talk.

“The Political Virtues of Hypocrisy”
The Atlantic
“This smart essay recalls bagehot’s classic on Sir Robert Peel and Garry Wills,” wrote Sam Tanenhaus. An exploration of why voting against one’s conscience is how things get done in Congress, and how that hypocrisy is reflected in the population at large.

“Closing The TV-Guest Gender Gap”
The Atlantic
Most public-affairs TV shows have female guests only 15% of the time. In a year-long effort, we got to 50% at my TV show in which I interview authors. But doing so required 4 times as much effort for every female guest as for every male one.

“A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Being Jewish”
The Atlantic
A new realm of economics treats religion as a good. When we reflect upon our investments in religious human capital, we learn a lot about affiliation, interest, and possibly the future of faith in America.

“Universal Wallet: Facebook’s Very Bright Future”
The Daily Beast
The major problem with assessing Facebook’s value is the idea that it needs to be an advertising company. But Facebook has succeeded at doing something countless other companies have tried: getting more than a billion users to use their real names and photos to establish a virtual identity that works across devices. Employing that value to, for example, replace credit cards, could justify the highest valuations we imagine for the social network. This piece follows on a dialogue with Forbes Managing Editor Bruce Upbin.

“Jewish Thought in the DOMA Ruling”
Justice Anthony Kennedy has used recent Supreme Court decisions on LGBT rights to develop a legal doctrine of “dignity.”

“Do as I Say, Not as I Do”
The Wall Street Journal
An analysis of First Amendment arguments from Constitutional scholar Noah Feldman. The law professor’s favoring “Ten Commandments” monuments on government property doesn’t mesh with his own legal advocacy.

“Do Black Hats Come in Pink?”
An examination of LGBT advocacy in Orthodox Judaism and its successes over a ten-year period.