*2015 Winner: Boris Smolar Award for Excellence in Investigative Journalism*

*2015 Winner: Excellence in Financial Journalism Award*

*2014 Winner: Boris Smolar Award for Excellence in Investigative Journalism*

“Great interviewer”​ – Bob Garfield, NPR’s On the Media

“One of the most energetic, talented, dedicated people I’ve met in this world.”​ – Jeff Jarvis

One of the “members of the press I most respect.”​ — Web pioneer Marc Andreessen

I’m a millenial with more than a decade of management experience, running news teams ranging in size from 5 to 50. In addition to my award-winning investigative print journalism work, I’m news anchor and managing editor for a national premium cable television channel. My digital-first, multi-platform experience goes back to 2002, and I’ve been building websites since 1997. I was the second-ever blogger to be hired to a dual blog/print role, and my multimedia and digital skills extend from programming in PHP, CSS and more, to all areas of video and audio production.

I’ve written for the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, Harper’s, Slate, New York Magazine, The Atlantic, and many other publications.

I’ve repeatedly made international headlines as a broadcast journalist. My interview with Newt Gingrich, in which he called the Palestinians an “invented”​ people, was excerpted on well more than 500 U.S. newscasts, Al Jazeera and BBC. My story on an Israeli government ad campaign generated so much outrage among American Jewish groups that the prime minister personally ordered the ads taken down.

My print/web investigative work has also been widely cited. Ben Smith referred to my investigation of the New York State Health Department as “a quite damning indictment.”​ Tim Noah of repeatedly noted my investigation of Nixon administration firings at the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which he called “the last known act of official anti-Semitism conducted by the United States government.”